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Trust in our experienced professionals to provide for all your fire system needs. Hartford Sprinkler is pleased to provide our Connecticut customers with a wide range of services, including complete fire inspections, system installation, and consultations. From system design to fire alarm testing, we're ready and willing to help.




System Installations

Hartford Sprinkler is Connecticut’s leader of professional and efficient fire sprinkler system installations. We implement successful installation strategies for each client, with the awareness that each property and its owner are different and unique. Our certified field technicians carefully install and test your system for complete satisfaction and total protection of your facility.

System Inspections

Protect your home or place of business with top-of-the-line fire protection systems and then keep them protected with regular inspections. Establishing a routine of regular inspections is paramount to the longevity and reliability of the system.

Quarterly inspections for sprinkler systems are federally and state-wide mandated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 25). Fire extinguisher, emergency lights, and fire alarms need to be inspected yearly. We pride ourselves on helping you keep up with all these required inspections – making all the arrangements so you can leave everything up to us.

Hartford Sprinkler has been providing annual, semi-annual, and quarterly inspections to satisfied customers for decades. Our inspections include all of the following:

Sprinkler Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Standpipe Systems

Fire Pumps

Antifreeze Systems

Special Hazard Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Emergency Lights

Backflow Prevention Devices

Systems We Service

With our extensive expertise in the fire safety and sprinkler system industry, we have accrued a wealth of knowledge with a variety of systems. With a firm understanding of their intricacies and all of their “moving parts,” we use time-honored methods and service applications to ensure our professional services are the best in Connecticut.

Sprinkler Systems:

Fires and the risk they pose are something that is best addressed with a proactive approach. Often referred to as the silent sentinel, fire sprinkler systems, when correctly installed and serviced, stand vigilant until they are called to perform during an emergency situation.

Fire Extinguishers:

A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations, and is a requirement for most establishments. However, if your fire extinguisher has not been inspected recently, your property may not be adequately protected.

Standpipe Systems:

Standpipe systems are a series of pipe which connect a water supply to hose connections. Typically used for multi-story structures, standpipe systems are designed to provide fire protection water for hose lines in strategically placed locations inside a building or structure. All standpipe systems are required to be maintained in compliance with NFPA 25.

Fire Pumps:

A property’s fire pump is one of the main parts of a sprinkler system which is powered by electricity, diesel, or steam. Typically, the pump’s inlet is installed to a static water source, such as a lake or reservoir, or the city’s public groundwater supply.

Antifreeze Systems:

Property owners should understand the hazards of having incorrect antifreeze solutions in their antifreeze sprinkler systems. These hazards include pipe freeze, sprinkler leakage and the potential for aggravated fire conditions caused by an incorrect antifreeze solution mix. The NFPA has revised requirements for antifreeze sprinkler systems which now includes an annual check of the antifreeze solution’s specific gravity before the onset of cold weather, including any low points in such system.

Special Hazard Systems:

A special hazard can be a building, area, room or a piece of equipment. Examples of places where you would find special hazards include: data centers, telecommunications, power generation, manufacturing and testing facilities, healthcare facilities and more. Special hazard environments demand only the most advanced, reliable fire suppression systems. We offer all types of special hazard fire sprinkler, suppression and detection systems, including deluge, foam-based, water mist, dry chemical and clean agent systems.

Fire Alarm Systems:

The fire alarm panel is the controlling component of a fire alarm system. The panel receives information from devices designed to detect and report fires, monitors their operational integrity and provides for automatic control of equipment, and transmission of information necessary to prepare the facility for fire based on a predetermined sequence. With proper testing, inspection, and maintenance you can keep your fire alarm system at optimum operating performance.

Emergency Lights:

Emergency lighting is required to illuminate building areas when things go wrong—for example, when the normal electrical supply is interrupted by a utility outage or by a fire or failure within the building. Its intent is to facilitate evacuation of the facility, particularly in the event of a fire, and to reduce the tendency of occupants to panic under stress, and in the dark. With the recent advances in lighting technology, a majority of our emergency lighting services involve LED powered illumination to provide added reliability and longevity.

Backflow Prevention Devices:

In the fire protection industry, we must do our part to protect the water supply. The backflow preventer keeps your pressurized fire sprinkler water line from flowing back into the municipal water line, which is possible if there is a loss of pressure from the municipal water line. Backflow preventers eliminate the possibility of polluting the municipal water system through cross-contamination.





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